Sunday, January 6, 2008

Excerpts from my first book Life, Weather

The Blind Teacher

It’s the first day of school.
I walk into class,
you see me
and decide I am not going to pass.

Because I am not dressed the same as everyone else
you consider me a problem,
I bet the thought has passed through your head, that if
I was hard up for money, I would
find someone wealthy and rob them.

The year goes on, I pass in work
and never receive a good grade,
you make me feel so dumb,
I want to introduce my wrists to a blade.
If you only took the time to realize
the knowledge I possess
and with my home life a mess, you only
contribute to the pain in my chest.

I am passing this in to the teacher who is blind.
What you witness is 1 of a kind,
look beneath my appearance
and I’m sure you’ll be surprised what you find!

Alone Forever

Constantly searching for a companion, I
don’t see the point.
When a loved one leaves your heart, you
feel the pain in every joint.
If I eventually find someone to say, I do,
the happiness won’t last for long because
caskets are built for 1, not 2.

God Heard Her

Your face will always be remembered
Through our eyes,
I wish I could take a lesson from you
on how an angel flies.
You were loved greatly
by the millions of your fans,
it is so hard to understand
why someone so young
could have death in their plans?
Your special songs reached audiences
both young and old,
your elegantly spoken words
turned hearts warm when they were cold.

And so the story was told…

A sweet singing princess
was taken before her time,
it’s not a coincidence
that your picture now reflects a heavenly shine.
Some things that happen
we will never be able to explain,
in our ears and in our hearts
is where you will remain.
The God’s was looking for a beautiful person
with a beautiful voice,
when they heard Aaliyah
there would be no other choice.

Strong Shoulders

I have always admired the way you handle
the problems you were dealt,
the average person who received as much pain
would crumble and melt.
I can see it in your eyes, you always
have some type of stress,
you walk around so proud
never letting anyone know you are truly a mess.
Amazed, yet bewildered,
at how you can keep going,
so much sorrow in your sight
without ever letting anyone know.
how you live,
things have been taken from you your whole your life,
still you do nothing but give.
I think I figured out
why you are always so quick to help,
finding a way to dismiss
the hurt you felt.
A human being assembled to carry
the heaviest of boulders,
that is why you will always find my worried head
resting on your shoulders.

Perfectly Written Story

I am not quite sure how it started.
I am not quite sure how it will end.

I dream about living a happy life,
I wake up and realize it was just pretend.
I am coming into the middle of the book
and have yet to make a decision on whether it is good or bad,
a few days might be joyful,
but the majority remain sad.
Rushing to the end of the page,
what comes next has to be better!
I would have never began
if I knew the entire novel would consist of bad weather!
People are afraid to pick up a copy
because the cover looks too complicated figure out,
if they would just open it up and look inside, it would
no longer be a mystery to what it is I’m about.
Begging for someone
just to read the first chapter, then
maybe I could have a day
where I experienced a little laughter.

We know the beginning and the middle do not matter
as long as the end is filled with glory,
that would be the conclusion
to my perfectly written story.

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