Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Up iN YO' iNBox ~ NEW MYSPACE LiNK ~ The Sunrise Available ONLiNE & iNSTORE!!!

Heyhey all ...

Some will notice and be thankful, some won't care, either way, I changed my MySpace URL because reciting the "lyrics4dayz" link made me feel like I was back on AIM as a 16-yr-old ... so now, it will be ... regardless of length, this should be easier to remember, but I'll accept any feedback if anyone cares to share their thoughts ;)

I'd also like to take the time to say thanks to 533Comics of America for putting on last night's show in Lowell at the Gaelic Club. It was a great crowd and positive connections were made... more foreshadowing how dope this summer is gonna be!

Next show will be Saturday night 6.27, A FOOD DRiVE at The Artist Jump Off, 318 Squire Rd, Revere - ground floor - 8pm. And yes, you can GET YOUR COPY of The Sunrise when you come to the show ... and maybe get some free stuff while you're there! ::: FREE ADMiSSiON w/ 4 CANS OF NON-PERiSHABLE FOOD :::

Also, pick up The Sunrise online at My friend Jasen has been doing a lot of great things for the community around Somerville, MA and beyond. Jasen supports the youth, the city, the people and a positive way of living. Now he's lending a hand to yours truly and selling The Sunrise via his own website, promoting his books of inspirational poetry and more. So please check it out,, cop The Sunrise, cop some poetry from author Jasen Sousa, and support the local movement.

Thank you all for your time and stay tuned ... so much more to come!!!


~* Miss Genevieve *~
R&B/Soul/Jazz/HipHop songstress

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meaning of The Eye of Horus

People ask me all the time what the tattoo means on my neck…

Few Egyptian symbols enjoy as much popularity in modern tattoo symbolism as the Eye of Horus does today. However, it was easily 4,000 years ago that this amulet symbol first acquired its positive powers. Among the ancient Egyptians, the legend of Horus, the god with the head of a falcon, was well known. He was the son of Isis, the great matriarchal magician, and Osiris, the greatest of the gods. But Osiris had been murdered by Seth, his own son and the brother of Horus. In a conflict between Horus and Seth over the throne, Horus defeated his brother but his left eye (which was the moon – his right eye was the sun) was plucked out in the battle. The god Thoth was able to restore the eye though, which explained to the ancient Egyptians the reason for the waxing and waning of the moon. The Egyptian word wedjat means “the sound one” and the restored Eye of Horus is thus also known as the wedjat eye. Its first use as an amulet was actually performed by Horus himself who offered it to his dead father Osiris, restoring him to life. The great healing and protective powers of the wedjat eye as an amulet were widely known and believed as early as the Old Kingdom (2300 B.C.E.). Large numbers of them were often placed among the wrappings of mummies in addition to being worn as pendants and rings. The unique form of the eye, with the downward spiraling element which starts at the forward corner is taken from the distinctive facial markings of hawks. The most common colors used for the amulets were blue and green since these represented regeneration to the ancient Egyptian. As Horus came to symbolize the forces of good and light, while his vanquished brother Seth came to represent the forces of evil and darkness, the wedjat eye also grew to stand for the constant struggle between the two.

The eye of Horus, sometimes also called the eye of Ra represents a sign of power given to the wearer by the gods of the time. It can also be a symbol that you are protected form harm by the god represented in the eye, whether that be Horus or Ra. The Egyptian word for this symbol is Wadjet, which literally translated means simply god or goddess. Horus himself was the falcon headed Egyptian god that originally represented the sky, but also came to be recognized as the sun and moon god as well.

He is one of the oldest off the Egyptian gods, and survived all of the dynasties or Egypt as well, while others came and went.
His eyes were said to be the sun and moon, with his right being the sun and the left being the moon. The reason the sun is brighter then the moon was supposedly because he injured his left eye in a battle with Seth after Seth, the god of chaos, murdered Horus' father.
This represented the division of Egypt as two separate kingdoms at the time as well, each ruled by a different king because of various economic and military problems that the country was facing at the time. It is very rare to see the two eyes together, as they represented different times of day, and so one would be resting while the other watched over mankind, although there are rare examples of both eyes being seen together, which are said to have been able to see everything.
It was said that Set the patron god of Upper Egypt and Horus the patron god of Lower Egypt battled for control of the entire country, which was only resolved when the rest of the gods sided with Horus, after both he and Seth presented their claims to rule Egypt, and thereafter Egypt itself was reunited into one country. This is probably where Sets evil nature comes from, and he was said to have lost a testicle in the battle with Horus, which is said to be why the desert is barren. Horus hereafter was the dominant god in Egyptian worship and was symbolic of the country being reunited as well.
The Eye of Horus itself is represented, not by a human eye as many people think, but by a falcons eye with a tear in one corner, and the separate parts of the eye can be divided in ancient Egyptian measurements into 6 parts, which represent smell, sight, touch, thought, hearing and taste. These are representations of the powers that Horus has as well as the abilities that humans share with the gods.
In todays society it is still used in a variety of places, particularly in jewelry and symbols of power in countries of the middle eastern regions from which it originated and where Egypt held power at the time. Despite popular belief it isn't the eye that can be seen at the top of a pyramid on the one dollar bill. That eye is the eye or providence, which is just an all seeing eye of god, rather then specifically Horus's eye, although it may have been adapted from Horus hundreds of years ago into Christianity as we see it today.
Similarly it isn't the eye that the Freemasons use either, despite popular belief. That is another eye of providence, which is a Christian rather then Egyptian symbol meaning that god can see you whatever you are doing. In the case of the Freemasons it probably just signifies their influence and power as a semi secret society, as well as the requisite belief in a divine being that all masons must have.
It is also said to be representative of love and mystery today, and is often worn as a brooch or other jewelry as a symbol of love or commitment between two people, rather then being a symbol of omnipotence as it used to be. It is also seen as a representation of inwardly thinking and philosophy as well.

The eye of Horus depicts peregrine falcon's right eye. It's a symbol of the Sun, and it was also called eye of Ra (by the Egyprian Sun god, Ra). The falcon's left eye represents the Moon.

The Eye of Horus, healed by Thoth, was an amulet, or magic charm. The Ancient Egyptians also used it to describe fractions. The Egyptians sometimes had had two eye symbols, with the left eye being the Eye of Horus, symbolising the moon, and the right eye being symbolising the Eye of Ra, or the sun.

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection. The symbol is seen on images of Horus' mother, Hathor, and on other deities associated with her. The ancients believed this symbol of indestructibility would assist in rebirth. Thus, funerary amulets were often made in the shape of the Eye of Horus.

After Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth, Horus fought with Seth for the throne of Egypt. In this battle, Horus lost one of his eyes. The eye was restored to him by Thoth and it became a symbol of protection for the ancient Egyptians. After this battle, Horus was chosen to be the ruler of the world of the living.

In magic the Eye of Horus symbolises protection and the bringing of wisdom. The eye also symbolises our ability to see with clarity and truthfulness.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Former drug addicts find new fixation on triathlons

By Madison Park

(CNN) -- When rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings didn't work for Eddie Freas, he sought another way to kick his 20-year drug and alcohol addiction.

Eddie Freas fights drug addiction by putting all his energy into training for triathlons.

He swam 2.4 miles. He biked 112 miles. He ran 26.2 miles. The Pennsville, New Jersey, resident found relief in triathlons.

"I feel better when I'm working out," said Freas, 33. "It does wonders for the mind. The reason I started running -- it was a switch that went off in my head. I started feeling positive and feeling great about myself."

Freas spent his youth in pursuit of drugs. At the age of 13, he snuck bottles of Amaretto and rum from his mother's liquor cabinet. He also developed a taste for marijuana and cocaine. By his senior year of high school, Freas was kicked off the wrestling and football teams after failing a drug test.

Then in 2007, after a three-day binge, "I came home and was crying," Freas said. "I was so depressed. I turned on the TV." The set was tuned to ESPN, which was airing a story about a former drug addict who competed in triathlons.

The program's subject was Todd Crandell, who had lost a college hockey scholarship because of a drug addiction. After 13 years of using drugs, Crandell started competing in Ironman races and championed finding positive ways to fight addiction through his program called Racing for Recovery.

Freas was entranced by the parallels.

"His whole story seemed like mine," Freas said. "That's why it hit me so much. It was my story but it happened to somebody else. I knew I had to get back into fitness."

He took a bus to Racing for Recovery's office in Sylvania, Ohio. There, Freas said he learned to "stay clean and use other things -- fitness, instead of drugs." On his first day, Freas pushed himself to run 10 miles.

"It killed me," Freas said. "I was just motivated. I was sore for a week and I gradually got into it. As soon as I started including fitness into my everyday lifestyle, it made it so much easier. It kept me busy and because of the physical fitness, it was making me feel better about myself."

He pushed himself to run farther and raced in his first Ironman competition in 2008.

"It's different when you use drugs, you temporarily feel good and afterwards, you feel like doing more drugs," Freas said. "When you go for a long run and do physical fitness, you feel good doing it."

Research in animals and humans show that exercise can be a mild antidepressant.

"It isn't a huge surprise when you consider many positive effects exercise can have with regards to the brain chemistry: dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, epinephrine -- these are all associated with mood altering effects," said Dr. Cedric Bryant, the chief science officer for the American Council on Exercise. "If they're able to get this natural high, through a natural endeavor such as exercise, it allows them to replace the means to achieve that high with a more positive approach."

One study showed that women trying to quit smoking were more successful when they exercised. And the National Institute on Drug Abuse held a conference last year to explore the possible role of physical activity in substance abuse prevention.

"The thought centers around the release of mood-altering brain chemical, mainly endorphins," Bryant said. "It gives you euphoria or what you call 'runner's high.' "

Crandell said some people who battle drug addiction "want something more than sitting in support groups filled with smoke, complaining about drinking."

"I've had some of my naysayers from other programs who say you've taken one addiction and replaced it for another," Crandell said. "I've taken addiction and put into a new focus that includes exercise. Exercise for me is essential to my recovery and well-being."

The purpose of Racing for Recovery is not to turn everyone into an athlete, but to focus on positive pursuits in a person's life.

"Whatever you lost during your addiction, that should be your Ironman, not just running," Crandell said. "If your goal is to become a teacher, let that be your Ironman."

"I didn't want to come back home, because this was where I did all the dirt, all the partying and stuff," Freas said. "As time went on, I had to come back here. My life is turned around. I got to help people in my hometown."

Back in New Jersey, Freas helped train Dustin Deckard, 19, a former high school star wrestler, who is recovering from a four-year heroin addiction. Deckard wanted to get clean after a near-fatal overdose.

"I have to be clean the rest of my life," Deckard said. "Sometimes that overwhelms me. I just feel that sometimes it's not fair that other people can go out and have fun and drink and do whatever at a party. But me -- if I do anything -- it's off. I can't stop. I definitely have troubles with that."

Freas and Deckard have developed a brotherhood.

"I know how he was feeling, being down, not wanting to use drugs," Deckard said. "I just relate to him in every way. We both used. He's also into sports and into wrestling like I was. That's what's cool."

This Sunday, Freas and Deckard head to Racing for Recovery's half triathlon at Monroe, Michigan where the teen will race for the first time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just fill out the application on the back and return it to the Arts Council (address below) or to Fluffy at the Mystic Learning Center
(in the Mystic Activity Center, 530 Mystic Ave, Rm 103)
This program is funded by a Community Development Block Grant/City of Somerville and the Somerville Housing Authority.
The program is PART TIME - 20 hours/week
July 6 thru August 14
$7.00 per hour
Somerville Arts Council • 50 Evergreen Ave., Somerville, MA 02145 • Joseph A. Curtatone, Mayor

Interviews will be held at MAC, 530 Mystic Ave. on June 29th from
10-2. You must attend.
Please bring your sketches, books, drawings to the interview.
Email Address:
Telephone Number: _______________________________________
Parent/Guardian's name: __________________________________
Age (as of July 1, 2009): ___________
Grade (in '08-'09): 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Return this page and keep the other page; applications must be turned in to: Somerville Arts Council, 50 Evergreen Ave. Som. 02145 or fax to:
by Friday, June 19th
Please bring sketches and other work with you to the interview
Questions? Call the Somerville Arts Council
at 617-625-6600 x 2985 (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm).
If there is no answer, leave a message and we will return your call ASAP
1. Check off those activities you enjoy doing.
[ ] painting [ ] learning about nature [ ] working with computers
[ ] sketching [ ] videos/photography
2. Have you ever seen the mural on Mystic Avenue retaining wall of I-93 that was created by Somerville teens? Or the mural at the Foss Park Swimming
Pool? What do you think of these murals?
3. Why do you want to be part of the Mystic River Mural Project? What interests you most about the project?
4. How much time and effort do you spend on your art? Have you taken classes? Do you draw alone? Tell us more about when you spend time
doing your art.
5. Please give the name and phone number of a teacher, counselor, pastor, or other adult (not related to you) whom we could call for a recommendation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Putting Myself In The Painting

Edward Hopper is a pretty dope dude. I like his paintings a lot, they remind me of scenes that happen in my life. So, since he’s a painter and I’m a writer, I thought it would be cool to put myself in one of his paintings. Oh, and If you didn’t know, I’m the kid behind the counter.

Hawk Eyes

Three remain, I serve with no name,
the only diner still open.
A lonely man silently weeps,
a couple dreams of love, hoping.

All of their coffee is ice cold,
apologizing for hours.
A hand she does not want to hold,
she will not accept his flowers.

I listen to the friends argue,
the bright lights flicker when they swear.
Their anger towards each other grows,
sense the end of their bond is near.

My back aches from standing all day,
the dishwater has aged my hands.
“It is time to be on your way”
finally, everybody stands.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tribute to Earl Manigault and other street basketball legends

Ghosts of the Playground

Remaining leaves try to
crawl over basketball court fences
as I walk past the park stepping
over bones scattered on the asphalt.

I see Earl “The Goat” Manigault
standing on a ladder threading a net through
iron tassels on the rim.

I see Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland
with a broom sweeping dirt
and sand towards the sidelines.

I see James “Fly” Williams
with a paint brush touching up the key
making glow it one again.

I see Lewis “Black Magic” Lloyd
with a tape measure making sure
the rim is 10 feet tall.

I see Herman “Helicopter” Knowings
wiping dust off the top of the backboards.

I see Curtis “CJ” Jones
throwing away broken beer bottles
and syringes.

I see Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond
throwing down thunderous jams,
“Seems fine to me.”

People walking by bump into me
and point out how much the baskets
are shaking from the wind.

Now I know who prepares
the courts for nice weather.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Genevieve CD Release Party

Peacepeace ...

Hope this email finds you all doin' goooooood ;}~ I'm excited to announce that the official release of my latest project ::: The Sunrise ::: is finally here ...

JUNE 5th @ 8pm
The Artist Jump Off
318 Squire Rd (Rt 60)
Revere, MA

So come thru and bring the crew ... We'll be celebrating the completion of a very important project, for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Thank you everyone for your support, patience, and overall participation in everything that's been happening lately ;}~ From the shows to radio support and every other opportunity given to me by so many wonderful people, to showcase my passion and to share my thoughts, I thank you all.

The Sunrise features nine of my newest R&B/Soul tracks, touching a few topics from life to love with a balance of beats to keep a steady head nod ... It's gonna be a great summer cd and will be available to purchase online soon, so spread the word - no matter where you are, it'll be coppable ;}~

With the release of The Sunrise, we'll also be doin' it up right for the next 2 mixtapes (FAME 6.5 - 7) in the United Front Company's FAME series ... Showcasing talents from across the states, check out brand new collaborations from the UFCo affiliates and some nice folks they met during their "Look Ma! No Hands!" Tour.
.com/igimusic; Da Unknown Poet from FL & more)

FAME 6.5 is the first project from the UFCo to be distributed across the U.S.A and is the jump off for a collection of collaborations with artists from all over.

Summer '09 is about to get a lil' silly ~ Hope you can be a part of it ;}~

:::::::::::::::::::: BUT WAiT ... THERE'S MORE ::::::::::::::::::::


Click the link above and check out a couple new tracks to be released on The Sunrise ~ "Astrology" & "Ooh Wee" ~ Tell a friend to tell a friend and come out and play on Friday!!!



3:00 PM at Midway Cafe ~ UFCo ALL AGES / ALL GENRES
3496 Washington St, JP, Massachusetts 02130

9:00 PM at The Milky Way ~ SOULAR SUNDAYS
284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130

Hope you can all make it, pass this onto anyone who might be interested, and I appreciate the continued support ... a lot of good things are about to happen ;}~

~ G ~

~* Miss Genevieve *~
R&B/Soul/Jazz/HipHop songstress

Tribute to Tupac Shakur

This is a poem I wrote where I take the perspective of Brenda’s baby as she has grown up.

Peep the poem than peep the video.

Much love Pac.

My Mother’s Keeper

A song is the only way
this child can remember
my mother, Brenda,
I appreciate the way you
tried to defend her.

As a kid
I had a dumpster
for a crib, I crawled
out of trash,
I decided I wanted to live.
At that time my mom
didn’t know, but just like you
tried to show,
from nothing,
I was able to grow.

Didn’t know much about my dad,
and my grandfather couldn’t hug me
because he had needles sticking out of his arms,
rubber bands in his teeth
and syringes in his palms.

My mother was a prostitute
who was found slain,
I appreciate the young man
who gave her a name.