Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Up iN YO' iNBox ~ NEW MYSPACE LiNK ~ The Sunrise Available ONLiNE & iNSTORE!!!

Heyhey all ...

Some will notice and be thankful, some won't care, either way, I changed my MySpace URL because reciting the "lyrics4dayz" link made me feel like I was back on AIM as a 16-yr-old ... so now, it will be ... regardless of length, this should be easier to remember, but I'll accept any feedback if anyone cares to share their thoughts ;)

I'd also like to take the time to say thanks to 533Comics of America for putting on last night's show in Lowell at the Gaelic Club. It was a great crowd and positive connections were made... more foreshadowing how dope this summer is gonna be!

Next show will be Saturday night 6.27, A FOOD DRiVE at The Artist Jump Off, 318 Squire Rd, Revere - ground floor - 8pm. And yes, you can GET YOUR COPY of The Sunrise when you come to the show ... and maybe get some free stuff while you're there! ::: FREE ADMiSSiON w/ 4 CANS OF NON-PERiSHABLE FOOD :::

Also, pick up The Sunrise online at My friend Jasen has been doing a lot of great things for the community around Somerville, MA and beyond. Jasen supports the youth, the city, the people and a positive way of living. Now he's lending a hand to yours truly and selling The Sunrise via his own website, promoting his books of inspirational poetry and more. So please check it out,, cop The Sunrise, cop some poetry from author Jasen Sousa, and support the local movement.

Thank you all for your time and stay tuned ... so much more to come!!!


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