Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All Up iN Ur iNBOX ~ Genevieve's featured on another mixtape!!!

THANK YOU ALL!!! The Sunrise is selling well ... keep up the support, tell a friend to tell a friend and let's keep it movin!!! Cop my latest EP instore at The Artist Jump Off in Revere, MA ~or~ ONLiNE @ www.jasensousa.net

*** 15% of all sales will be donated to charity funding public education in Wintrhop, MA for underprivileged kids ***

And thanks to all who keep checkin' in, and to all who tuned into DJ Nomadik's Time Traveling ~ 88.1FM WMBR, MIT Radio in Cambridge, MA, this past Friday from 10pm-12mid. The two hours spent on the airwaves were a lot of fun, got some tracks off The Sunrise thru the speakers, and made some new friends across the states ... (tune in from wherever you're at ... ONLiNE @ www.wmbr.org)

DJ Nomadik hosts Time Traveling every Friday night from 10-12EST, so even if you missed me keeping her company this last Friday, check in again every week to hear Nomadik spin the hip hop and R&B we remember from way back when with a couple of dope tracks from recent mixed in.

You can also check out more information on DJ Nomadik and her Soulkore Productions @ www.soulkore.com

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* UPCOMiNG EVENTs??? *~So as of now, it's quieting down on the show front ... There's a big event happening this Friday, but in the meanwhile I'll be putting most of my efforts into finishing this project with my new friend Lite Skin from Memphis, TN. If I haven't mentioned it before, or if you just haven't been payin' attention!!! ;}~ ... I'm very excited about this next album which will be a full-length disc, giving some smooth R&B vibes that are a bit reminiscent of that sound you used to get back in the early-mid 90s (does that have to sound like it was really that long ago???)

::: BUT FIRST :::

w/ tattoos and piercing ... and LiVE MUSiC!!!

*** NO PJs NO GETTiN' iN ***

Now if you made the last Jammi Jam, or were lucky enough to make the last tattoo party (you saw the girl getting the face inked on her hand, right???), you'll be at this next event bringing the two parties together on the same night. YOU HAVE TO WEAR YOUR SLEEPY CLOTHES!!! Come have fun with us, huh??? People have been turned away at the last event for trying to come thru the door in jeans and regular street clothes, so please come correct. Sleep o'natural??? Put on a robe ... sleep in sweats? Fine, wear those ... but LEAVE THE EXCUSES AT HOME!!!

Good music and good times with good people ... tell a friend to tell a friend and come join the positive vibe!!!

When U Going Out???: FRiDAY July 24, 2009 @ 8:30pm
Where're U Going???: The Artist Jump Off, 318 Squire Rd, (in the basement), Revere, MA 02151
Word? What time???: 8:30pm
Ok, What's the Dent???: $7

*** Please hit me up for any other information! ***

~ During events @ The Artist Jump Off ~ Check out special deals on tattoos and more on this special night ~ United Front Company's The Artist Jump Off is your one-stop-shop for hip hop apparel and accessories, local music and art, recording services, and MORE!!! Check'em out at www.artistjumpoff.com


But wait!!! There's more ...


The EMS crew has been doing their thing for a while around the Bean ... Now here's another banger from these Boston boys ::: The Killa Tape '09 ::: featuring yours truly, M-Dot, Mayhem and many more!!! Check out the words from Rev from EMS below and check out the mixtape!!!

Show love, support local music ... werd.

A message from Rev (EMS):

... I'm promoting my new album with Catalyst. It came out July 4th. So after a lot of promotion and build up and sending out countless emails and tracks I present to you "Killa Tape '09" the FREE Album from Revalation & Catalyst. Now what I need from you all is that if you can FORWARD THIS message to friends of yours that like Hip-Hop or Rap music, even if you don't, you gotta know someone that does!! Please help me and show your support!! This album is inspired by the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Remember back in the day when you used to record all your favorite joints onto one tape? It was a "Killa Tape" right? Well, this album embodies that whole essence. Featuring Praverb, EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem), Genevieve, Strick9, Tendency, and more....Beats from DJ DviousMindz, Kenshin, SV, and more of your favorite up and coming producers!! Enjoy the tape, post it and give it a real listen if you appreciate conceptual Hip-Hop with a feel good vibe.

Revalation & Catalyst - Killa Tape '09 (The Album) - download here and extract using WinRar or WinZip (if you need either go to download.com their FREE and great programs to have anyway for large files)

aka Revalation ( or Rev - 1/4 of the EMS Conglomerate)

www.myspace.com/revalation4dakids /

www.myspace.com/experimentalmindstate /

www.myspace.com/emsprod /


Thanks for reading!!! Check you on the sunny side ;}~


~* Miss Genevieve *~
R&B/Soul/Jazz/HipHop songstress
http://www.soulkore.com (gen@soulkore.com)

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