Monday, July 13, 2009

THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW of My Latest Poetry Collection

Humming Eternity
Jasen Sousa
J-Rock Publishing
45 Francesca Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144
9780971492660, $11.99,

Poetry can give a different perspective and outlook in life. "Humming Eternity" is the work of Jasen Sousa, a poet with six previous volumes of work before "Humming Eternity". Focusing on everyday life and his reflections, "Humming Eternity" is not a work of your typical academic, and therefore is a fresh read indeed. "80 Proof Water": He approached as I waited for the train,/he stood, but his eyes were barely open./Extending his hand telling me his name,/skinny shoulders, seriously sloping./Skull tattoos covered his trembling arms, his ghostly gray goatee moved as he spoke./Told me tales of his time in Vietnam/and how he had just finished smoking dope./Close to the tracks, he began to wobble,/he spoke to me, "Please don't let me fall in."/Offered vodka from a water bottle,/time seemed to stall as I recall my grin./The train finally came, we both boarded./A man distorted, a man recorded.

Michael Dunford

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