Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leo With Her Take On Honk!

Leo Galindo

Honk Fest, 2009

Davis Square

In the midst of a cool, mildly warm fall day, Somerville hosted the first Honk Festival this year that kicked off in Davis Square. Hundreds of people turned out for the event and watched these many costumed and outrageous activist bands that performed at various junctions in the square. Every band brought its own different style and rhythm to the event. The Chaotic Resurrection band was all about playing songs about politics in remembrance of the oppression that surrounds us worldwide and to inspire their communities. This activist band comes from Montreal, Quebec. They all wore shades of green, gold and black and provided a very great atmosphere in all the songs that they played. Out of the many bands present, Chaotic Resurrection caught my eye the most. As you walked along the streets of Davis square, many a brightly and interestingly colored and costumed band walked by, each with a diverse mission and genre of songs to be heard.

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