Sunday, November 29, 2009

Message from the UFC

On the fourth of next month come see me and the live band that I'm in with orion the
rebel. Called projecthybrid ...we continue to make history with every move
transending genres making this world the song that never ends. We will be at seven
dodge st. At the dodge st bar and grill. Helping kids and teens have a more decent
holiday....bring a gift for a teenager and you won't be charged an entrance fee to
see projecthybrid hypnotise a room full of music lovers .....if you don't bring a
gift for the kids were supporting than bring money and we will let u in if we think
ur cool enuff....don't write back ...don't respond with maybes and other cliche
questions asked frequently by friends of starving underground artist....just show
up...and if u have a legitamate reason for y you can't show us support in this way
then buy a tshirt from us to help fund our nationwide
tour...or come to 318 squire rd in revere ma.on the ground floor and buy a piece of
jewlry from danis or send some one here to record there
something! Ha here is how u can find us elsewhere in cyberspace...

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