Sunday, August 8, 2010

Artist Profile: Francesca Zimmerman

Artist Profile

Francesca Zimmerman

Francesca Zimmerman is 15-years-old and is going into the 9th grade. Francesca grew up in Somerville, MA, and loves to write poetry because it helps her express the way she feels, and it gives her something to do in her spare time. She also enjoys singing and dancing, and she loves hanging with her friends and using her cell phone. Francesca says, “Most of my poems are based on love, breakups, life, and the issues a typical teenager faces.”

Here are some of Fran's poems. Check back for more of her work!


You've made me cry once more. What else
does my life have in store? These emotions I have are strong. Why can't
these feelings move on? Those words you said
made me feel so sad. I wish there was something
that we had. We are just friends it's always the same. In my chest
I feel great pain. My eyes tear up, my face turns red, so many thoughts
roaming in my head. I'll find another someday in my life. I'm moving on
till I find someone right.


Friends should be real friends.
Friends should not be fake to you.
Friends would not hurt you.

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