Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Beautiful Rose By Jasen Sousa

A Beautiful Rose

Even though we hear cries,
remember, this is a beautiful rose
that never dies,
this is a beautiful rose that forever grows.

I look out there and stare
at all of you today,
each and everyone of you is wearing a sad face.
We wish we could see this beautiful rose walk
down the aisle, but we have to believe
this flower blooms in a better place.

There is nothing to be depressed about,
this beautiful rose
lived a long and lovely life,
and today it has come to an end.
Remember, even though this beautiful rose is gone,
she will always be my grandmother,
your mother, your aunt, our friend.

No person has had more of an impact on my life
and I bet many of you can say the same,
her body will leave the world we live in,
her presence, her power, her beauty
and her spirit will remain.

I do not see doom, depression,
disgust and despair,
when I think of my grandmother
I think of a beautiful rose
surrounded by white doves
gliding gracefully through the air.

This beautiful rose was tired and worn out
from taking care of us and holding our hands,
both yours and mine.
Let us follow the footsteps
this beautiful rose left behind
that are forever trapped in the sands of time.

She never once put herself first,
it was always about me and you.
Let us think for a moment,
isn’t that something
we should all work on and try to do?

A beautiful rose that was one of
the most beautiful people
to ever walk this earth and bless us with her grace,
this beautiful rose, we will never forget its shape,
we will never forget its face.

All of you, wipe those tears off of your cheek!
My grandmother wouldn’t want that,
please, there is no reason to cry,
the more we celebrate her life and her ways,
the more this beautiful rose will never die!

Let us show God,
that a beautiful rose is what has been taken.
Even though our hearts are breaking,
let us not be mistaken,
let us show this beautiful rose our appreciation
and make the angels awaken!
Let us break this silence
and give this beautiful rose what she deserves,
let us give her a standing ovation!

Even though right now all we hear is cries,
remember, this is a beautiful rose
that never dies,
this is a beautiful rose that forever grows.

Taken From
Selected Poems of Jasen Sousa
Comprised of works from:
Life, Weather (First Collection of Poems Written At Age 17) (Not In College)
A Thought and A Tear for Every Day of The Year: A Poetic Diary (Written Between ages 18-19) (Stint at Suffolk University)
Close Your Eyes and Dream With Me (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
Almost Forever (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
A Mosaic of My Mind (Written at Age 24) (Beginning Emerson College)

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