Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dead Man’s Promise By Jasen Sousa

Dead Man’s Promise

Skulls and bones wearing crowns sitting on thrones,
fleshless fingers wrapped around instruments that help spirits speak.
Trapped in a wicked wasteland and aimlessly roams
among the weak and obsolete.

A heart has 10 beats left before it finally stops,
the sound of sacrifice, silent as the stoppage of the world’s clocks.
For years this body has had a scent similar to when a corpse rots,
candlelight vigils held on different streets and blocks.

Don’t be surprised that after this demise to witness them rise,
not even death allows a peaceful rest.
After darkness, witness opening eyes,
put your ear on their tombstone to hear a fluttering chest.

An empty casket still sealed tight, where did they go?
Dead man missing, stay quiet and listen to the sound.
Look deep into your hearts and all of you will know,
this is one dead man who couldn’t be kept in the ground.

Dead man arrives and survives by traveling through air,
when you see this dead man, don’t be filled with fear.
Waiting for this dead man to once again reappear,
dead men keep their promises, I swear.

Taken From
Selected Poems of Jasen Sousa
Comprised of works from:
Life, Weather (First Collection of Poems Written At Age 17) (Not In College)
A Thought and A Tear for Every Day of The Year: A Poetic Diary (Written Between ages 18-19) (Stint at Suffolk University)
Close Your Eyes and Dream With Me (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
Almost Forever (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
A Mosaic of My Mind (Written at Age 24) (Beginning Emerson College)

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