Monday, December 27, 2010

Mr. Businessman By Jasen Sousa

Mr. Businessman

Mr. Businessman I see you often,
you walk briskly by me every morning
as I’m changing the trash that is rotten.
You wait for the elevator, yawning.
We cross paths, but never make eye contact,
I would like to introduce who I am.
I’m the one who keeps your office intact,
yes sir, I am that invisible man.
Your desk shines because of my elbow grease,
your windows are spotless because of me.
If something goes missing, I am the thief,
hot justice for those without a degree.
It’s this man’s business to ignore my life.
I clean and dream to be seen in plain sight.

Taken From
Humming Eternity By Jasen Sousa (Written During Emerson College Era)

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