Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perfectly Written Story BY JASEN SOUSA

Perfectly Written Story

I am not quite sure how it started.
I am not quite sure how it will end.

I dream about living a happy life,
I wake up and realize it was pretend.
I am coming into the middle of the book
and have yet to make a decision on whether it is good or bad,
a few days might be joyful,
but the majority remain sad.
Rushing to the end of the page,
what comes next has to be better!
I would have never began
if I knew the entire novel would consist of bad weather!
People are afraid to pick up a copy
because the cover looks too complicated to figure out,
if they would just open it up and look inside, it would
no longer be a mystery to what it is I’m about.
Begging for someone
to read the first chapter, then
maybe I could have a day
where I experienced a little laughter.

We know the beginning and the middle do not matter
as long as the end is filled with glory,
that would be the conclusion
to my perfectly written story.

Life, Weather

Jasen Sousa
First Collection of Poems Written at Age 17

Life, Weather 10-Year Anniversary Printing

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