Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Point of the Gods By Jasen Sousa

Point of the Gods

Ones who make the call, creators of all,
blessed with the ability to bounce back.
I have seen these Gods, they do not stand tall,
outsmarting giants, they have quite a knack.
Their wizardry, so silky smooth, so sly.
Crosses and teardrops, suffering a loss,
from coast to coast they are able to fly,
the accuracy of their arched deadly shot.
The backs of their heads are known to have eyes,
known for speeding up and slowing down time.
The heavenly way they float through the skies,
Gods who value the true worth of a dime.
Miracles are performed, everyone stands,
they hold the fate of the globe in their hands.

Taken From
Selected Poems of Jasen Sousa

*(Previously Unreleased)

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