Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pregnancy’s Trigger By Jasen Sousa

Pregnancy’s Trigger

Amy wants to be all she can be,
society won’t let her.
Confidence diminishing, she wants to feel better.
Has to make a decision,
with no one to listen, she decides alone.
Rushes to a party where she gets high
and taken advantage of by a mysterious guy.

Months later her stomach
is stretched out and swollen,
rolling down a corridor, her water has broken.
During the pregnancy
there was plenty of drinking and smoking.
The baby was born at a dangerous birth weight.
Amy is hoping it will heal, trying to deal,
the father in jail, however,

he recently signed a waiver
to get out on good behavior.
Spent months dreaming of seeing his little girl,
wanted to return as the savior.
Wasn’t ready to meet the man
taking his place, it shattered his world.
Snapped, went on a war path,
wanted everyone to feel his wrath.
Thinking of the other man made him want to hurl.
Beyond mentally ill, at the point

where he could kill.

22 is his age,
veins circulating rage.
His only reason for living is revenge,
like an animal let out of a cage, starving.
Encouraged to do the deed by convict friends, bred
with the type of heart that never mends.
Just got out of the pen, has no problem going back in,
being behind steel bars is better than having to feel.

The day has come.
Pictures his daughter
while staring down the barrel of a gun,
imagining the slaughter.
He drives to their house and parks by the curb,
making sure he’s not heard.
Approaches the house, kicks down the door
and squeezes.

Taken From
Selected Poems of Jasen Sousa
Comprised of works from:
Life, Weather (First Collection of Poems Written At Age 17) (Not In College)
A Thought and A Tear for Every Day of The Year: A Poetic Diary (Written Between ages 18-19) (Stint at Suffolk University)
Close Your Eyes and Dream With Me (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
Almost Forever (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
A Mosaic of My Mind (Written at Age 24) (Beginning Emerson College)

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