Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Unknown Endless Road By Jasen Sousa

An Unknown Endless Road

must proceed forward
toward a destination that is uncertain.
Step by step, embarking on a journey
that might cause great hurting.

This horrendous,
tremendous force pulls on my soul.
I want to turn around, but
if I go back now,
what I have been searching for
will not be found.

Without hesitation,
without reservation, I continue on.
Ignoring my inner voice and its opinion,
I walk past demons and devils
who dwell in dark dominions.

I do not look back,
I keep my eyes focused on
a hopeless sight
as I travel down a road
cloaked in night.
Red eyes stare from inside the bark
of bare trees, abnormalities in the air,
cold, bleak.
I follow my heart forward
even though I cannot see
the shadow of my figure

or the ground
where I place my feet.

I follow my heart
down an unknown endless road, calmly
trying to create
confidence in my character.
Wickedness whispering inside the wind
makes me wince,
I hear laughter.

I stand up straight
and follow my heart
to an unknown fate.
I follow my heart
down an unknown endless road, wondering
what will await?

Taken From
Selected Poems of Jasen Sousa
Comprised of works from:
Life, Weather (First Collection of Poems Written At Age 17) (Not In College)
A Thought and A Tear for Every Day of The Year: A Poetic Diary (Written Between ages 18-19) (Stint at Suffolk University)
Close Your Eyes and Dream With Me (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
Almost Forever (Written During Early Twenties) (Bay State College)
A Mosaic of My Mind (Written at Age 24) (Beginning Emerson College)

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