Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Desert City By Jasen Sousa

Desert City

The year is 3001. Gone forever,
the shine of the sun.
Living in a world that is now largely covered by ice and snow,
a young man with a cap and backpack
sets out on a track
that doesn’t have a way back.
Myths and elders warned him not to go.
Tales told of how the world
wasn’t always so cold. Legends about great cities
that glowed under the glare of the sun.
Tall buildings built of glass, flowers and green grass.
Could it be true, when everything is cold now, dark and bitterly bare?

A young man drawn to the forbidden, curious
about previous ways of living. He ventured out towards the unknown,
not knowing what he would discover. He walked until snow began to melt off the land, he walked until his feet touched sand.
Sweat started to drip off his brow, the sun started to hover.
While walking he stubbed his toe
on things that used to grow. He dusted off sand with his hand
and uncovered a sign. He dug deep until he saw a street. He fell through a hole,
and stood on concrete that appeared to be constructed by intelligent minds.

Unearthed, alerted, a city
that was totally deserted.
Covered by a mythical mirage, a city no longer under the stars.
Burned cars, buildings so large, melted tar, broken windows
covered by steel bars.
Bones covered by clothes, those who used to sit on thrones.
Hoodies, hats, blue shirts, badges, suits and ties.
Boney hands holding guns and knives, as he stared at faces
that no longer had eyes.
Looked for clues to what happened, he picked
up a cassette player, he heard people rapping.
Examined colorful paintings and words squalled on the walls.
Buildings and people who once reached for the heavens, so upsetting.
He unwrinkled some old headlines,

"How A City Falls"

Taken From
A Mosaic of My Mind By Jasen Sousa (Written at age 24)

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