Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lyrical Laws By Jasen Sousa

Lyrical Laws

This is poetry without pause,
lords of society
create lyrical laws,
writing for someone else’s applause,
I wrap my claws around my pen
until I figure out my flaws.

Sitting there hoping,
mentally choking,
lyrical laws
made to be broken.

Poetry is free.

If we write what’s supposed to be,
then neither are you, neither am I, neither are we.

What is poetry?

To the ancient man
with gray hair who sits near a trash can, wrinkled
papers, nothing there.
He waits for perfect words
while a beautiful spontaneous poem
has blurred, ideas shrink, he lost his ability
to write, all he can do is think.

Taken From
A Mosaic of My Mind By Jasen Sousa (Written at age 24)

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