Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mama’s Boy By Jasen Sousa

Mama’s Boy

He never wanted to let mom out of his sight
when it came to buying him toys,
now he begs for mom to leave him alone
because he’s hanging out with the boys.

He’s growing up fast,
trying to learn to be a man.
He yells at his mom when she tells him what to do,
mom has a tough time trying to understand.

She does all she can to treat him good
and buys him anything he asks for.
As soon as they walk out of the store,
that’s how long the appreciation lasts for.

He’s confused about his character,
he’s trying to find his identity.
His mom is his biggest obstacle,
in the way of his experimenting,
so she became his biggest enemy.
His Mom walks by the TV and stares at all his young photos,
pictures of her boy frozen in her memory.

They used to sit around the table and talk, take the dog for a walk,
watch TV and discuss what was going on in their lives.
Now she’s lucky to get a hello or a goodbye,
pain pierces her heart like a million knives.

He locks his bedroom door and his mom screams,

"I can’t help you, if you don’t tell me what’s wrong."

Silence for a second,
volume pumped up on a loud song.

She walks away hurt,
knows her son is struggling.
She wants to hug and squeeze him
and tell him how much she loves him.

She’s afraid he might be on drugs.
He’s afraid she might see his eyes that are blood shot red.
She’s afraid he might be hanging with the thugs.
He’s afraid she might really see what’s going on in his head.

One night after a big argument
he packed necessities in a gym bag and fled.
He changed his name and joined a gang.
The next time he saw his mom he was wearing all red.

They both wish they could go back,
but too much has been said, too much has been done.
She is no longer his mother.
He is no longer her son.

Taken From
A Mosaic of My Mind By Jasen Sousa (Written at age 24)

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