Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Morning I Woke Up and I Was Blind By Jasen Sousa

One Morning I Woke Up and I Was Blind

One morning I woke up from a dark parallel
prism and something happened to my vision.
I heard birds chirping, but could not see
the familiar spot on my ceiling.
I put my feet on the floor, enclosed in a dark space
where I could not find the door.
What iniquity has been done
to me? Where is the sun to see?
I tried to regain my reputable sight,
stuck with nothingness of night.

It took a while, but I structured
a smile. A taste of tears on my lips, standing up
with my hands on my hips.
It’s like I was granted a wish.
I no longer had to see people die, no longer
had to see my mama cry.
Won’t have to worry about watching
them bury my brother, never have to see
the world’s pain.
Now that I am blind I focus on the true universe
and not it's defined color.

Taken From
A Mosaic of My Mind By Jasen Sousa (Written at age 24)

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