Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GRAVE LOVE By Jasen Sousa


Inside a cemetery
I witness a girl who gracefully
walks by the gates of steel.
I experience a sensation
a dead man
is not meant to feel.

She approaches the gate and speaks.
I respond even though I am in shock.
Steel separates us,
we talk.

Remembering what it feels like
to be a man,
she reaches through the gate
and holds my hand.

Cold, lifeless, fingers,
blood no longer in my stream.
Love no longer
inside of my dream.

The girl tries her hardest
to bring me back into her world.
Not an easy task,
to convince a dead man
that this is a love which can forever last.

Pleads her case
as tears stream down her face,
trying to rescue a man from his final resting place.

She can’t find a way in,
I can’t find a way out.
She begins to speak quickly,
I put my lifeless finger upon her mouth.

Words are not said between the living and dead.

She places a kiss on my lifeless lips.
I walk away
and disappear into cemetery mist.

Taken From
Almost Forever By Jasen Sousa (Written between age 22 and 23)

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