Wednesday, February 2, 2011



This is my introduction
for all those who don’t know me,
I’m the little cousin
of the infamous Monster Cody.

My name is Little Red and I run with the Bloods,
I joined them when I was 12.
I can’t explain the power I feel
when a gun is held.

My mom is a good lady,
but she sleeps most of the day.
I am taken care of by older kids on the block,
they are the ones who teach.
My dad is cool too,
but he’s been in jail since I was five.
Now, I’m 16, bet you didn’t think I would still be alive!

The Bloods showed me how to survive,
they beat me down
until my body was badly bruised.

The way a loving family is supposed to act,
I have always been confused.
My first task was to steal
a pair of Michael Jordan shoes.

The kid wouldn’t give them up,
I had to kill him! Hey, at least I made the evening news.
It reported that a 12-year-old boy was slain
over a pair of sneakers
with a fancy name.
From this action
I gained much fame,
I got more authority in my gang.
Never got caught, no harm, no shame.

I continued to get colder,
I mean we are in a war
and I just wanted to be the ultimate solider.
I became skilled at killing,
a master at eliminating
our most hated villains.
One day I got in a car
and sprayed rival gangsters
who were surrounded by women and children.

My name is tagged throughout my turf
on basketball courts.
I even raped
without remorse.
Soul gone,
now just a corpse.

Any fool who walks
too close to my block,
I leave them
outlined in chalk.
Let out
shots from my glock,
anyone will die
when my bullets fly through the air like a hawk.

I represent red,
every other color is my prey.
There is no one in the world
who I am not willing to slay.
Anyone, anytime,
any day.

For free or for pay,
if you come through my hood
you better pray
to whatever God
you believe in.
If you come through late at night
don’t plan on leaving.

When I step
onto the street,
I always have Chuck Taylor’s
on my feet,
a red bandanna tied around my head,
inside my jeans I pack heat.

I’m violent,
I’m a tyrant,
I decide when the streets are loud
and when the streets are silent.

I’m Little Red,
I just want to make that understood.
Until the day I die,
I will ride for my hood.

Taken From
Almost Forever By Jasen Sousa (Written between age 22 and 23)

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