Wednesday, February 2, 2011



The lost city of New Orleans,
a storm came through washing away hopes and dreams.

Natural disaster, it hit and not much was left after.
Blew in with a force never seen before,
wind roared, picking homes off the ground.
People were warned, but no one
was ready for what was in store.

Hurricane subsided, leaving no mercy
on where thousands once resided.
City built by the sea,
man made walls were broken, door to the ocean opened.
Water rose to rooftops, quite a sight to see.

Water continued to rise, people looked for a miracle,
but no help was seen in the skies.
Those who survived the storm were stranded.
To stay breathing, people began to loot, people began to shoot.
Days passed and people felt like they were abandoned.

Strange, circumstances began to affect people’s brains.
Humans turned into animals,
not knowing if they would survive.
Young people who didn’t know their fate,
turned to violence, turned to rape.
Family members nudged loved ones from naps,
they didn’t wake.

Victims continued to steal, images became unreal.
Buried caskets rose from graves and floated in water,
scenes that looked like they came from a book,
reminders of all the life God took.
People suffered in the sweltering temperatures,
it continued to get hotter.

Store windows shattered by bats,
corpses on curbs being eaten by rats.
The living were forced to co-exist with the dead,
the deceased gave off an unbearable smell,
this is Earth, but these were visions of Hell.
No one is certain of what will lie ahead.

Underwater neighborhoods,
some say they understand,
only those there understood.
Drowned areas where great music once played.
Those who didn’t have much,
everything they owned in their hands tightly clutched.
Some were rescued, some refused, some stayed,
some decayed.

The water will eventually leave
and once again people will begin to believe.
The lost city will once again be found and be reborn.
The lost city flooded with filth, will again be rebuilt
and take an even more majestic form
than it did before the storm.

The lost city of New Orleans
came apart at the seams,
streets turned into streams.
The lost city of New Orleans,
how gorgeous it gleams.

Taken From
Almost Forever By Jasen Sousa (Written between age 22 and 23)

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