Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Our children have been abducted by the streets,
their souls influenced
by TV, video games, lyrics and beats.

Single parent households do not offer enough
voices to educate the mind,
babies are being made and lost
one child at a time.

They walk out the front door
and get a street education
on drugs, guns and molestation.

They pick up guns because society shows
it looks like fun.
No one tells a mother how to sleep peacefully
after losing her only son.

Drugs come in through the nose, lungs and veins.
Crime, suicide, murder, look how it’s effecting our brains!

We use weed as teens,
become crack fiends in our 20’s.
At 30 we’re heroine addicts
and it’s too late to break these types of habits.

Bullets fly, people die, no imagination.
The goal, to cause great devastation.
Kids can only stay away for so long before they get sucked in,
and before you know it, a mother’s only son is not in his bed,
but in the ground being tucked in.

Asleep in a casket,
mother pays off a friend
to get revenge on the murderous bastard.

Nothing left sacred, heads drowning in hatred,
images to kill.
Time stands still, we murder for thrill.
No dreams, no future, no destiny to fulfill.

Blood continues to spill,
poisoned by pictures painted by brainwashed artists.

Stranded, and there doesn’t appear to be a way home.
Mom’s smoking a bone and daddy’s having sex
with a stranger on the phone.

In the back room mom has two male guests
and they’re both getting blown today.
Her son sees it, he’s pissed, someone’s getting blown away.
Telling us to be gangsters in messages that are subliminal.
We might end up being thieves, but society is the biggest criminal.

Taken From
Almost Forever By Jasen Sousa (Written between age 22 and 23)

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