Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Midwest Book Review

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Somewhere Lost
Jasen Sousa
J-Rock Publishing
45 Francesca Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144
9780971492677, $11.99, www.jasensousa.net

The long road from addiction is not an easy one. "Somewhere Lost" is a collection of poetry from Jasen Sousa, as he reflects on addiction, something many of the people around him faced as he entered adulthood. Heartfelt and profound, "Somewhere Lost" will resonate well with many readers. "Beauty is Sold": With at least ten years of abuse under/her belt, I don't know if her mind will ever/be hers again. She fights to regain all/that she ran away from, she wants to be/that little girl she never came to/ appreciate. I knew that little girl,/ and I do not recognize this woman/whose beauty is now sold in a dope sack,/squeezed into a syringe, and shot into/abandoned veins tagged with drug dealer's names.

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