Thursday, August 18, 2011

From Miss Genevieve- This goes out to all family, friends, affiliates & other business associates

This goes out to all family, friends, affiliates & other business associates (and some of you might have heard from me on FB so sorry for any repeats!) But I'd like to let you all know about my new radio show ... and maybe some of you can participate ...

Starting SAT 8.27 from 10:30am-11:30am EST, I'll be broadcasting weekly on UNregular Radio (an internet-based radio station located on Bedford St in Downtown/Boston). My show, All Up iN Your Ear Canals, will focus on hip hop - local/worldwide/underground & some old school. My goal is to support local and worldwide independent hip hop artists, as well as to reminisce with some popular underground from the 80s-90s.

THE STATiON : UNregular Radio has 24-hrs of quality programming including talk, sports, music of all genres, & comedy. Of the 7,000+ dedicated daily listeners, 80% of those returning ears are New England based. With that, I'm reaching out to businesses for sponsorship, to, in turn, help those businesses increase revenue. (All Up iN Your Ear Canals contact info below)

SPONSORS : For $100/per show, I'm offering Sponsors up to 4min. of plugs throughout the hour ($175 for a 2-show-bundle & other packages available for those who want to reserve more time in advance). Sponsors can provide give-aways or have special events & deals promoted, as well as be a guest on the show to talk about business/promotions/events on air. I'll soon be offering original pre-recorded promos for a separate fee.

ARTiSTS : If you or if you know an artist looking for radio play, send me the tracks along with any info you want listeners to know. We can then discuss having you on as a guest! This invitation is also extended to DJs, as well active players in the hip hop community who promote peace & positivity thru music, dance & other arts and events.

I've attached a full description of UNregluar Radio and then ...

Thanks for reading and STAY TUNED ... we keep it moving up & onward.


~* Miss Genevieve *~

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