Saturday, November 19, 2011

Draft of, On A Weekend Night, from a future project tentatively titled, “Dampness”

On A Weekend Night

A lighter clicks

three times.

Snapping overworked fingers,
it does not spark.

A man sits on a wooden bench
on a weekend night,
places a lighter in his pocket
and does not remove his hands.

His legs are not crossed, but his
feet are, and the strings from his boots
scrape the pavement like an old branch
that survived another unforgiving season.

He waits above ground outside a subway station
shadowed by a bus every 15 minutes,
or so.

The evening is late for him, but early
for others bundled in wool jackets and cashmere scarfs
that cover parts and accessories
necessary to remember sips and laughs my mid-week.

A lighter is removed
from the man’s pocket. He stares
at it.

three times.

He does not attempt to light it again
because he has realized
that no life remains inside.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Writing Exercise

You are an up and coming recording artist who was recently signed by an independent record label. Before the record company can invest time and money in your CD, they need to know you can deliver a project that it going to generate record sales. They know that you have talent, but they also need to know that they can present your sound, style, and message to consumers.

Your Objective:
The record label needs an idea of how you envision your first CD. Since you are a new artist, you have some creative control, but the record label also has a say on how your CD is going to look and sound.
This is what they need from you:
• Your CD is going to have 15 songs on it. The record label wants to see your creativity. What are the names of your 15 songs going to be?
• After you give the record label your 15 songs, they now want you to pitch a name for your CD. The name of your CD must have a theme that fits with most of your song titles.
• It would help the record label tremendously if you could draw a sketch or give some details on what your album cover what look like. What image is going to sit on store shelves?
• The record label is interested in the song titles that you have provided them. Now they want two to three samples of your song lyrics. Choose two to three song titles and begin to create poems from these titles. The record label wants to know if you have a hit song inside of you.
Requirements From The Label:
Since the record label knows what is going to sell records, you must include song titles that include these themes:
• “Where I’m From Song”
• “Something You Would Like To Change About Yourself Song”
• “A Social Commentary Song” (Something that angers you about society that you believe should not exist)
• “ I Made It Song” (You are a successful musician now and have sold millions of records, what has changed about your life?)

Supplies For The Artist:
• Empty CD cases
• Blank CD inserts for artwork and song track list
• Blank CD’s for you to bring to studio to begin recording