Friday, April 20, 2012


they are the beginning.

life created
in the night.

and cell phones
when the child
becomes grown.

Too many questions
and the parents
don't have answers,
prefer to be left alone.

And what's that?
Mommy's belly
once again blown? Daddy can't be
satisfied with dome.

Let's talk
about home.

Daddy has another
chick on the side, comes
and goes as he pleases.

Takes a shower
at her crib, gives his kid a PSP,
and has enough time
to spread some new diseases.

Enough to be his girl, but not enough
to be his bride. TV remote for him to click
until it is time to take a ride. Someone else
is waiting for him to arrive.

Single father
can't help but get harder. Different girl,
different life, doesn't have to
listen to the crying. Supposed

to be working the overnight shift,
but is going to give someone else
an overnight gift. Mom’s home hanging
up imaginary pictures of her dying.

Prescription pills
take away the chills
and everything is cool,
because he pays
some of the bills.

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