Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early Draft: Eyes Down By Jasen Sousa

Early Draft: Eyes Down By Jasen Sousa

There is a woman
wearing a burgundy dress
who waits for me at the local tavern. The napkin
under her Gin and Tonic, damp as the unpaved space
behind her knees.

Denies requests to dance
as she can’t ignore movements on swollen
bottles behind the limping bartender.

Her phone sleeps on the counter, she waits
for it to pulsate like that feeling
that started inside of a thought and moved
in-between her wrist and forearm, like the vibrations
of bass that crawls down crowded walls and creates webs
amidst freshly painted toenails.

The tip is face down under the edge of the glass, the girl is eyes down
on the curb, waiting to be picked up
and dropped off into a world she is unfamiliar with.

I place the night into my back pocket
and sit on it.

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