Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Snowman in Somerville by Jasen Sousa

A Snowman in Somerville

A strong wind from Charlestown
blows cold air through
the City of Somerville.

A snowman is built 
from the bottom up.  It is given a body 
with no legs
because distance and travel
are not part of the plan.
It is meant to stay on the same lawn,
on the same block.

His eyes are soulless, he watches, but is not seen.

Flesh on his arms turns to twigs
from injecting the warmth.

One night he grows legs,
and commits crimes against himself,
against his kind.

Snowman stop snitching

on the people who feed you your poison!
Snowman stay silent!

Police lights bounce
off store windows.
Blood pours on dirty snow
to make it pure once again.

First Published
Somewhere Lost

Copyright © 2011 by Jasen Sousa

Copyright © All Rights Reserved by J-Rock Publishing

Library of Congress
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ISBN  978-0-9714926-7-7

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