Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Change, Please? by Jasen Sousa

Change, Please?

He holds the stack of loot sideways, cannot
even look at the green faces that are
drowning in his nervous palms as he walks
to the spot to go shopping.  Cabinets
are empty because he ate his way out
of his home and ended up in a strange 
place where the shelves are stocked with long aisles
of the sweetest ingredients you could 
ever imagine.  But today he’s sick, sick
from the same meal he has been eating all 
month.  He scratches, shakes, he shivers, he sweats, 

and keeps moving, holding onto his change. 

First Published
Somewhere Lost

Copyright © 2011 by Jasen Sousa

Copyright © All Rights Reserved by J-Rock Publishing

Library of Congress
Cataloging in Publication Data
ISBN  978-0-9714926-7-7

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