Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Somewhere Lost by Jasen Sousa

Somewhere Lost

Somewhere lost
inside fidgety movements
and rapid fire vulgar outbursts
that arise from anxiety
he wears 
to show he is clean.

To show he is the same kid
who grew up three houses 
down the street from me.

The same kid I used to
pitch to in the park,
the same kid I used to 
play rebound with.

We drive three blocks, 
he is already on his second square.

I drop him off
at his house,

give him daps
and wonder
if he remembers
who he was 

like I do?

First Published
Somewhere Lost

Copyright © 2011 by Jasen Sousa

Copyright © All Rights Reserved by J-Rock Publishing

Library of Congress
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ISBN  978-0-9714926-7-7

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