Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spotlight by Jasen Sousa


The one Somerville streetlight
shined on me while
I bounced my ball
deep into the night.

Basketball is a game
of rhythm, repetition
and discipline.

My dirt-covered fingertips
painted from a court that was swept
by me years before when I stole my father’s broom
to sweep puddles that stood in the way of progress.

I tried to find seams on the ball where the leather
started to peel off.

Basketball saved me
when my friends were
putting drugs in their hands.

I held my own rock

and flung it towards the sky,
and it would always come back.

I would sit on my ball on the free throw line
and watch my friends with thumping systems drive by,
going to places they thought would make them happy.

First Published
Somewhere Lost

Copyright © 2011 by Jasen Sousa

Copyright © All Rights Reserved by J-Rock Publishing

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ISBN  978-0-9714926-7-7

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