Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Unnamed Streets by Jasen Sousa

Unnamed Streets

He walks down unnamed streets,

strolls by his home, hung-up
on habits that his family doesn’t condone.

There’s not much in life
that he owns, except for a pair
of socks with holes, and sneakers
with worn down soles.

There’s not much in life
that he controls, addiction blankets
dreams and goals, friendly strangers
and demons he has come to know
and like.  He swings for the stars
with a lighter and a pipe.

His darkness has crept into the day


from night.

Everyday a fight, a 12-round-bout
filled with anger and doubt, victories
and failures.  The misery of being
both a fiend and a dealer.

Haven’t heard from him in weeks,
which means he has pockets that leak,
and any spinach he accumulates 
goes to people who live in cities
that don’t have flood gates, drowned
in hate, and don’t care how they
make an extra buck.

Outta money.

Outta pleasure.

Outta luck.

First Published
Somewhere Lost

Copyright © 2011 by Jasen Sousa

Copyright © All Rights Reserved by J-Rock Publishing

Library of Congress
Cataloging in Publication Data
ISBN  978-0-9714926-7-7

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