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Upcoming Fall Events With Premier Hoops

Upcoming Fall Events With Premier Hoops

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over.  It is hard to picture it now while the beaches are still packed, but basketball season is quickly approaching.  Premier Hoops has put together a series of award winning sessions which have produced significant results developing and training athletes who have attended. 

"Basketball Shape" is different from simply being in shape.  Basketball, like no other sport, requires the individual athlete to be efficient in a number of areas.  Basketball is a game which requires your cardio conditioning and physical endurance to be an extremely high level.  Basketball is a game which requires an athlete to run at different speeds at any given time.  Being involved in an offensive fast break, or running back on a defensive possession, requires all-out bursts of energy and speed.  In these scenarios, you might not even touch the ball. You might be running the wings on offense, or trying to take up space in the paint on the defensive end to prevent an easy basket.  Possessing proper endurance and conditioning will keep you on the court, and when it is your time to handle the ball, you don't want your body shutting down on you.  Defensive players will be able to sniff you out if you look tired and they will be looking to apply pressure to try and steal the ball.  If your responsibilities are as a ball-handler, trying to cross half-court while an aggressive guard is applying pressure can be exhausting, never mind trying to set up your team's offense and get teammates in the right positions. 

If you have an open shot and your legs feel like rubber, and your arms are dragging, you are not going to have the corrector balance to be accurate with the attempt.  If you are a rebounder, banging with some of the larger players under the basket can also be exhausting.  Premier Hoops will not only assist with your conditioning, but it will help you build strength in key basketball areas so you are not being thrown all over the court.

The last thing your coach wants to see is you throwing a lazy pass, or being out of position on offense and defense.  That's what happens when you are out of shape.  Your mind has good intentions, but your body beings to shut down on you and that's not want you want to happen if you are trying to make a team, or trying to be an integral part of a team. 

To get basketball players in basketball shape and having athletes performing at their highest levels is what Premier Hoops excels at.  Premier Hoops is now offering a wide range of sessions at different locations. 

Premier Hoops with be offering beginner programs and will host a co-ed program in Hamilton, MA.  Premier Hoops will also be offering boys and girls beginner programs in Marblehead, as well as a Kiddie Hoops Program.    

In the North Shore area, Premier Hoops will be offering their acclaimed Elite Program for boys and girls in Peabody and Marblehead.  Premier Hoops will also be offering their Elite Program in the Middlesex areas of Billerica and Cambridge. 

Don't wait until it's too late, when you are running suicides and feel as though your lungs are going to explode.  Check out Premier Hoops and the services they offer which help basketball payers get into basketball shape.


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