Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hanging Out At Boston Comic Con 2016 With Jasen Sousa.

It's always hot, it's always sticky, it's always crowded, and event organizers always send you in some ridiculous maze in order to enter which leaves you ready to leave soon after you arrive.  It's always fun though too.  Attending the annual Boston Comic Con has become a tradition for me.  I have attended for 5 consecutive years now as a spectator, and as a fan.  I enjoy digging through old comics, interacting with independent artists, and seeing some outrageous costumes.   Below are some photos I captured with the Sony a6000 and the Sigma 60mm.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jay - Long time. I remember your Mom's muffins & Dad's Expresso at Brattle st. Guess Who ?? Big Tommy's Pal. Miracle Whip, Bread, & Parakeets !!! Peace P&D