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The Search for Boston's Best Smoothie- Part 2

The Search for Boston’s Best Smoothie-Part 2

The Hunt for Boston’s Best Smoothie Continues…

Before Davis Square was, “Davis Square,” there was a little restaurant/cafe that opened which specialized in selling healthy and organic items that could be ordered and prepared in a relatively short amount of time.  There are places popping up like Blue Shirt Cafe all across Somerville and all across Boston.  So, has Blue Shirt Cafe lost its allure, or is it still a primetime place to visit for a fresh smoothie?  
The answer falls somewhere in the middle.  Blue Shirt Cafe has expanded its size over the years to provide more seating and sit-down options for exotic health food goers, and has sacrificed some of its charm in the process.

When you walk into Blue Shirt Cafe, you usually get stuck behind a mob of college students and hipsters who have a difficult time figuring out what they want to eat or drink.  Maybe it’s just because their cutoff jean shorts are too tight and they have a hard time pulling out their cash or plastic, but whatever the reason, it’s just frustrating at times to place an order here.  

Blue Shirt Cafe is in need of a major upgrade as their ordering area looks less like a cafe, and more like the back of a restaurant that just served lunch to 100 fat Americans.   However, we are not here to bash the aesthetics of Blue Shirt Cafe, or complain about the gentrification of Somerville, we are here to discuss the awesomeness of their smoothies and Blue Shirt Cafe’s smoothies are pretty awesome.  

Blue Shirt Cafe offers a commendable selection of fresh squeezed juices and smoothies.  I particularly like that fact that Blue Shirt Cafe offers a wide range of remedies and boosters that can blended into your smoothie for 25 cents. Blue Shirt Cafe’s smoothies have risen in price throughout the year and are pushing close to $7.00 for a single smoothie.  One can only assume that they have to charge so much for blended fruit in order to pay rent to stay in the outrageously overpriced digs of Davis Square.  

When I visit Blue Shirt Cafe, I usually go for a Soy Milk Craze or a Nature’s Bounty.  A Soy Milk Craze consists of strawberries, bananas, raspberry sorbet, soy milk and strawberry juice.  I also usually get a boost of protein inside of it to help with recovery after a workout.  

There is no question that Blue Shirt Cafe makes some of the best smoothies in the greater Boston area.  Maybe it’s because I have been there so much over the years and its aura has worn off, but I no longer go out of my way to purchase a smoothie at Blue Shirt.  I will go to Blue Shirt if I am in the area, or if it is convenient to where I am, but I no longer salivate for their smoothies.  Blue Shirt Cafe is going to have to step up their smoothie game if they are going to keep this Somerville native coming back for more. 

Blue Shirt Cafe 

424 Highland Ave, Somerville MA 02144


Hours- 8AM-10PM

Jasen Sousa is the author of a number of poetry and fiction books for young people.  Jasen has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and has been a vegan and health conscious athlete for over a decade. 

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